Gritty City Theatre returns to the 2021 Hamilton Fringe Festival with a Digital Exclusive July 14-25th. See the show virtually from wherever you are!

The Gritty City Theatre Company returns to the 2021 Hamilton Fringe Festival!


Tickets on sale now!   
“Hammered” is a Digital Exclusive! 
See this show virtually from wherever your are


A Hamilton couple is under lockdown as the outside world falls to pieces: civil unrest, nuclear meltdowns and, god forbid- a pandemic! Making the best of things seems possible when there’s plenty of liquor and food on hand but as things start to run out so does this couple’s patience to deal with each other. “Hammered” takes its cue from recent events offering up a “what if the bad guys won?” scenario in Hamilton’s Northend. Gritty City Theatre Company co-Founders, Jason Hugh Thompson, Melissa Murray-Mutch and John-Riley O’Handley team up to star in “Hammered”  written by Melissa Murray-Mutch and Directed by John O’Handley. 

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