Something for the Gritty City Kiddies! Back by Popular Demand Magical Storytelling with Mermaid Melissa and Jellyfish Jason!


Mermaid Melissa  and Jellyfish Jason are back!!

Help Mermaid Melissa and Jellyfish Jason solve the Mystery of the Missing Mystery!!!

Jellyfish arrives to the Mermaid Melissa’s underground lair with a mystery only to find out he’s lot the mystery. Oh no!! How mysterious!!! Gritty City Kiddies can tune in to Magical Storytelling with Mermaid Melissa and Jellyfish Jason Story hour for  help!!!

Our Story!!!

JJ: Hey, You wanna go see Hamilton?

MM: Do I wanna go see Hamilton? Of course? Who doesn’t want to see Hamilton? But I can’t afford to go see Hamilton!

JJ:I can get us in there for free!

MM: Really?

JJ: Yeah!

MM: How do we get in?

JJ: All we have to do is tell Wally the Whale a bad joke. He loves bad jokes. The worse the joke the more he laughs and flaps his tails  making big waves. If we’re right next to him he’ll flap his tail really hard. The splash will create a wave so big it will take us anywhere we want.

 MM: Cool. And so Jellyfish Jason  told the worst joke and Wally laughed and sent us flying!! All over Canada. Anyway, we saw a light in the distance. The stage lights of Hamilton! But instead it was the flames from a factory.  What the Fringe? This  wasn’t the Hamilton I was thinking about.

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